We were introduced to you in 1965, in our first bakery, on Skoufa str. in Kolonaki.
That was the starting point from which we begun our successful journey, armed with our passion and love for bread-making and tradition, aiming to satisfy in the best possible way your basic nutritional needs.
Our bakery was initially named “Bread and DoughFlavors”. It was later renamed “Sahinidis Bakeries”.
Our bakery grew and is currently housed in our own privately-owned property in Filothei. We have a second bakery in Ilisia.
Today, almost half a century after our beginning, you have rewarded us with your unwavering trust, which we reciprocate daily offering you pure, handmade products and a big smile.
Panagiotis Sahinidis is the soul and the brains of the company. He’s been carrying on the tradition of his grandfather for 25 years now. He makes sure “Sahinidis Bakeries” maintain the quality that has always distinguished their services and products.
You can now find our products in many points of sale all over Attica. Soon they will be available in selected supermarket chains.

Our vision

“Sahinidis Bakeries” have been for almost half a century now offering their customers pure products, made with passion.
Our products are based on traditional recipes and are catered towards the need to respond to the ever-growing nutritional demands.
The difference between our products and the ones made in mass production is indisputable. We consider our customers as members of our big family and we make sure we satisfy the needs of all age groups.
We use products with high nutritional value such as rye, sesame, linseed, Omega-3 fatty acids and several more.
We buy these products from the most trustworthy suppliers in the market. We select pure ingredients avoiding all those elements that can prove harmful to our health such as gluten, conservatives, frozen doughs, colourings, flavor enhancers and other chemicals, It is our way of reciprocating the trust and faith you have been showing us all these years.
In the context of a Mediterranean diet, consuming bread products is a must. We make sure to give you products that complement your nutrition and do not affect it adversely.
Since the establishment of our bakery up until today, we put forth our best efforts on a daily basis so that you can enjoy flavors that you can truly trust.
We continue to select the same pure ingredients, we use traditional recipes, we create products that cater for people’s nutritional needs in today’s world. We do all that with lots of love for the public and an indispensable sense of social responsibility.


Our Address:

mantzouraki 2 filothei athens


38.0007081, 23.7656308