Rupicapra Villas, Papingo
Papingo Rupicapra
Welcome to the website of Rupicapra Villas. We welcome you to our traditional stone villas, touristic self-catering residences. We are located in Megalo Papingo, next to the public car parking. From Papingo you can enjoy the magnificent landscape and wildlife from this area. You can walk through the Vikos gorge or on the Tymfi mountain range.
Giorgos Papaioannou

The Villas

The three villas are made entirely of natural materials: grey slate stone-schist, σχιστόλιθος from Zagori and Igumenitsa and wood from Zagori mainly and other parts of Greece. The walls are 50cm thick, all stone, providing excellent natural insulation in the summer & winter. There are two two-floor buildings, with kitchenettes in the ground floors and WC in both of the floors. There is magnificent unobstructed view in 3 directions – E,W & S, wooden windows with double glass all around. Indepented heating: the temperature can be regulated independently in each room.

Villa 1
The 3-floor building (with the subterranean chamber) has also fire-places in each of the floors. There is a kitchenette in the ground floor. The floor is paved with ceramic tiles.
Villa 2
The 2-floor building has the best panoramic view of all. The ground floor has a fire-place and a natural slate stone pavement. The 1st floor is made of wood. A wooden stair leads to the 1st floor. All doors and windows are made of natural wood.
Villa 3
The one-storey building, it is the biggest one and has a king-size hand-made wooden bed, made by a local wood-carver from Zagori made entirely by one-piece huge traverses of natural pine wood of zagori mountains. The floor here is also covered by natural slate stones. There is a stone-made fire place and two similar smaller handmade beds left and right to the fireplace that can accommodate other 2 or even 4 persons in “case of emergency”! The ceiling here is impressive, made by local wood traverses. The internal inside part of the roof is visible to the guests!
There are written records about the Papaioannou family living here already in the 1700, while the old stone house of Papaioannou family traces its origin-construction back in the 1500 or even earlier-Possible the oldest house in Papingo. Instead of building a massive building we have chosen to build three separate smaller buildings, that can provide peace, privatization and independence to our hosts, though offering all the modern comforts.
The Traditional Stone Villas are three buildings in a 2.700 sq. meters former wheat-field and almond/walnut tree orchard. The name of the orchard originally was “Gelli-Τζέλλη”, a word possibly deriving from the serbian word “Gel” meaning Green Orchard. There’s an old selling contract from 1845 which mentions the name of this ground-orchard, and the name of its original owner and the buyer from whom later our great-great-grandfather bought it.
Touristic activities
There are many places of interest in and around Papingo.
Touring in the area by car- Itineraries
Hiking, trekking, walking, rafting, cayaking, horse riding, bicycling etc
The dry-stone building technique: An age old art of constructing walls.
Nearby areas
Our other activities
Bee keeping – honey making
Viticulture – wine making
Almond & walnut nuts
Bean-culture, onion-culture
Fine arts: painting, wood carving.


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