Welcome to Novagea

Not a simple juice bar, but something much much more.

A new lifestyle

A new philosophy

Where all of us can eat healthy, even if we don’t have the time to spend on our nutrition.

By drinking wonderful, nutritious meals, made from pure fruits and veggies, herbs and nuts. All of which are essential allies to our health and vitality.

This is the thinking behind our vision and we want to share it with all of you everyday, by offering you tasty, fresh, original, highly nutritional juices.

Novagea Way

1. We choose the best fruits and veggies
2. We wash them in special washers to make sure the last trace of dirt or harmful residue is safely removed, using the least possible water
3. We squeeze or juice them in special juicers.

At Novagea we never dilute our juices. This would also dilute their enzymes phyto nutrients and weaken their active power.
4. We serve them in glass jars, keeping their vitamins.
Fresh fruit and veggie juice is alive, it has enzymes, phyto-nutrients and vitamins which are all highly susceptible to the environment and they oxidize very easily.

To keep our juices freshness and vitality we only use sterilized glass jars: a material that is clean, ecological and chemical free.

Our jars are so pretty that can be reused. Or you can turn them back to us, winning yourself a discount. Or you simply recycle them.


Passionate about juicing

After we saw first hand how our own lives changed for the better by drinking juices, we turned our passion into a job.

At Nova Gea, all our juices are 100% natural, without even a trace of additives or preservatives. The combinations we use are specifically considered and selected to provide our bodies with certain benefits, while at the same time they have an amazing taste and great texture.
So much so that it’s impossible to resist them. The smoothies in particular, are so hearty they can even replace a whole meal.
We are all so busy, stressed ,and so pressured that we rarely ever give ourselves the gift of a natural juice that will give us all the vitamins, micro-minerals, and nutrients we need.
Come to us and we’ll prepare the juice that best suits you for an instant pick-me-up!
Grab the opportunity to ask our trained staff whatever you might have a question about, and we will be glad to convey our knowledge and experienced.

Except for the cups in which we serve yogurt and fruit salads and which are made from bio-degradable sugarcane, all our juices are served in glass jars.
Glass is ecological and reusable. When it’s recycled, it requires a lot less energy than plastic.
Plastic cups are made from chemicals that are bound to interfere with the taste of your juice. On top of that we offer a discount to every customer who will bring us back 10 jars. And if you don’t bring them back, you can always use them for something else, or recycle them.

Whatever is left in our juices is still precious and we don’t want to waste it! That’s why we supply local vegetable gardens with our fruit and veggie left overs ,which convert into compost for their patches!
If you compost as well, contact us to keep the quantity you need, just for you.


Our Address:

6 vyronos street, athens 105


37.9704147, 23.7300315