We welcome you to Ilia Mare, a true gem in the “jewelry box” of Evian land, where the rotation between mountain colors and sea charm, the breeze of the waves, the wonderful sunrise and the unique sunset will give you unforgettable times.

Our Hotel

Following the coastal road of the village to the far right you get to your destination. The impressive building, “dressed” in warm tones of beige, perfectly combines luxury with the elegant architectural style, in simple outline, and represents the work of some people with passion attempting to transform their dreams and ideas into reality. It stands out for the style and particularity of its elements, and while it looks impressive, it blends perfectly into the landscape. The hospitality of the owners, something that is perceived from the outset, the ambient environment, the complete comfort of the rooms and generally the beauty of the scenery, guarantee carefree, qualitative and relaxing days of vacation even to the most demanding guest.


ILIAMARE, just by the sea, has capacity of sixteen (16) rooms (9 double rooms and 7 maisonettes), which occupy three floors. The colors and the decoration create a sense of calmness and relaxation. All rooms have a view to the sea and have large balcony from where the landscape looks like a painting that changes colors during the day. Maisonettes can accommodate two to four people. Of the rooms that ILIAMARE offers, eight have a fireplace, while in two there is adequate infrastructure to accommodate people with disabilities. Facilities include: double bed, baby cot, LCD TV, wireless access to the internet, air-conditioning, hair dryer, safety deposit box, cosmetics, bathrobes, umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach, breakfast buffet, bar, laundry service, spacious parking. Reception is open 24 hours. Breakfast can be enjoyed either in the elegantly decorated with stunning granite floor lobby, or at the large balcony under tents, in a lush green environment which is composed by pergolas, trees and pots in full bloom.


Visitors of our village and ILIA MARE guests have the opportunity to try many sports. So, the fishermen, spear fishermen, summer and winter swimmers, scuba divers, boating enthusiasts can enjoy the sea.All hunters, climbers, hikers, sightseers have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Mount Telethrio. There is an amazing route that starts from the village of Ilia and ends at the village of Kastaniotissa, crossing the Mount Telethrio.Along the way, hikers will meet springs, streams, gorges, forests of oak trees, cherry and plane trees and mountain lake Megali Svala (Great Svala). It is worth visiting Arapis Gorge, an area near Agia Anna, known for the wild beauty and its many legends.In Northern Evia there are three great mountains: Mount Telethrio, Mount Xiro and Mount Kandili. All fans of motocross or 4X4 and motor sports generally, have the chance to choose between hundreds of routes, long or short, with variety of difficulty levels. For more information, click here:  http://bit.ly/wcZhQs


The visitors are choosing Ilia for their vacation, and generally our area, because they can cover a wide range of needs. Their experience at Ilia is described using three words: rest, wellness and relaxation.The calm village life is covering the needs for family vacation. Ilia is the ideal destination to enjoy relaxing vacation by the sea. Evia visitors can seek calmness and tranquility at Ilia village, in a beautiful environment with friendly atmosphere and warm hospitality. Easy access to the surrounding mountains and the fact that Evia has all kinds of plants and trees that exist in Greece. All visitors meet pine trees, chestnut trees, plane trees, heathers, arbutus, lentisks, firs. They can also see white pine, Aleppo pine (Pinus Heleppensis), black pine (Pinus nigra) and Kefalonian fir (Abies cephalonica) and many others. Also, the area has significant variety of animals, with over 24 species of amphibians, over 35 species of mammals and over 94 species of birds. As you can see, our full of life mountains, give visitors the opportunity to go hunting, climbing, sightseeing and meditating.The sea that caresses the hotel’s yard, serves those who want to go swimming, fishing by boat, spear gun or rod fishing, scuba diving, water skiing. Also, great interest is shown for Historical Tourism where visitors can admire many ancient Greek cities, like Eretria, ancient Kirinthos, ancient Dystos, Artemisio, archaeological museum of Chalkida and many Byzantine buildings and towers, like Drosinis tower, Oreoi castle and many more. Great interest is also shown for eco-tourism, sea tourism and sports tourism, because of the motocross and mountain bike events that are organized every year.


Ilia Village

At one end of the village, over the new designed port where is possible to strand small boats, stands “Pharos” (Lighthouse) of Ilia! It is the ILIAMARE owners’ tavern, a balcony to the Gulf of Evia, with wonderful view and gastronomic surprises reserved for visitors. Trademark of this family tavern, is the fresh local ingredients, the variety of delicious dishes and affordable prices.

Agia Irini Chrysovalanto Monastery

Following the road to Rovies and just 5km from Ilia the visitor meets a newer monastery dedicated to Osia Irini Chrysovalanto. This is the first monastery of Osia Irini with the new “Julian” calendar. It is built on a green hillside, just above the children summer camp of Chalkida Diocese, and has a great balcony which offers spectacular view to the Gulf of Evia.

Saint George of Ilia Monastery

At the southwestern side of Mount Telethrion and just 7km from Ilia, is the historic monastery of Agios Georgios (St. George) at an altitude of 400m, built in a breathtaking location. The view from the road is panoramic – Ilia look like a painting from above. It is an old monastery (since 15th century) wonderfully renovated, with magnificent woodcut temple, lots of artifacts that was saved from barbaric invasions, and holy remains.

Saint David the Elder Monastery

Just 25km from Ilia, in the midst of a lush vegetation area, at an altitude of 927m, stands the famous male monastery of Osios David Gerontas (Saint David the Elder), one of the Masters of the Nation, where there are his miraculous bones, his censer and his vestments. It is dedicated to the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ and is surrounded by many chapels dedicated to many Saints.

Fossilised Forest of Kerasia

A rare geological monument of nature, which is worth to be included in visitor’s exploration of the area, is the Fossilised Forest of Kerasia located between the villages of Kerasia – Agia Anna – Papades. Its age is approximately 10 – 25 million years old, and the region has been declared Paleobotanic Museum of Europe. In some parts of the forest, silicified fossilised tree trunks can be spotted (e.g. the giant conifer tree Sequoia, which grows in North America), fruits, seeds and leaves. That part of the forest was inhabited by lake gastropods and vertebrates, elephants, Hipparia (small horses), and Ichthythiria (ancestors of hyenas). A skull of bicornuate rhinos has also been found. In the region’s wildlife some felines like a lion (Macherodontes), giraffes with short necks (Elladothiria), and Halikothiria were included. Some of these findings are exposed at the very interesting Fossil Museum of Kerasia.

Nautilus Museum

Evia is home to some very special and beautiful places that all visitors should try to visit. One of these is the “Nautilus Museum”, which is located in Edipsos. The museum is open throughout the day all year round, and a visit will impress you, will expand your knowledge, and introduce you to some of the beauty and magic that the seas of the world are blessed with.



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