Blábjörg Guesthouse

Blábjörg Guesthouse is located in a meticulously renovated fish factory in the center of Bakkagerði in Borgarfjörður eystri.
Blábjörg Guesthouse offers 11 double rooms with made-up beds. These share access to three bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen facilities and a living room with tv.
  • Free wireless internet connection.
  • Excellent location with a perfect view of the fjord and excellent location for bird watching.
  • Multitude of well-marked hiking routes nearby. Over 27 day routes and trails totaling more than 150 km in length, with countless possibilites.
  • Spa & wellness on the first floor with hot tub and sauna, both inside and outside, where you can jump and swim in the ice cold sea. A perfect place to relax and get ready for the next adventure.
  • Icelandic basalt / lava rock used as floor tiles, rhyolite around the hot tub, larch from Hallormsstaðaskógur, the biggest forest in Iceland – seeing is believing.


The road from Egilsstaðir leads by a so-called “important bird area” with extremely varied bird life, such as a number of duck species and moorland birds, geese, divers (loons), swans, Arctic as well as great skuas and more.
In Borgarfjörður, there are excellent facilities for birdwatching, for instance a special hide from which over twenty species have been sighted at once. In your room at the guesthouse you have an excellent opportunity to observe the birdlife and a good chance to get a wonderful picture.
At Hafnarhólmiby the harbour for small craft are among Iceland’s best facilities for birdwatching, in particular to see puffins and kittiwakes. Many reindeer roam the area but are quite shy and hard to find.
To Observe the Strange Little Bird
The Atlantic Puffin has been called many names as its appearance and special walk often seem funny or resemblant of certain human characteristics. In Icelandic, it has often been called ‘Priest’ because of its stately plumage. In other languages, it has been called names like the ‘clown of the air’ or ‘sea parrot.’
The reason for the parrot comparison is probably its colourful beak, which is one of the Puffin’s most striking characteristics. The beak has blue, yellow and red stripes but otherwise the Puffin is a stocky bird, black above, white below and with grey cheeks. It is a small bird and commonly makes holes in the turf, in and above cliffs. Therefore, it can be really hard to catch a good sight of it. A nice observation platform in Hafnarhólmi, which is connected to a small islet that is bustling with birdlife, especially puffins, which means that you basically see the Puffin within a distance of two metres.
About 10.000 pairs of puffins nest every summer in Borgarfjörður, somewhere between the 20th of April till mid-August. Among other common bird species nesting there are the Fulmar, Kittiwake and the Eider duck. The islet is surely a photographer’s dream; the birds seem to love modelling for photographers and the surrounding scenery is amazing. In addition, the harbour itself is a beautiful sight, having been well cared for and has ‘the blue flag’ to show for it, a certification given for being environmentally friendly.Read more about bird watching at Hafnarhólmi harbour here


Trails of the Deserted Inlets…. it´s yours to explore
There is no lack of hiking options around Borgarfjörður, with about 27 day-routes nearby. A multitude of these hiking routes lie in an area commonly called Víknaslóðir, or the Trail of the Deserted Inlets. The area has a dense net of well-marked hiking routes as well as some exemplary facilities for hikers. While people lived in most part of the area past the middle of the 20th century, they are all deserted today. Now this area has become a “Paradise of the Hiker,” with local people marking numerous trails and publishing a quality hiking map, besides building comfortable hiking lodges and WCs. As services for hikers have developed in recent years, the area has become one of the best organised walking regions in Iceland.
Hiking in Víknaslóðir (“trails of the deserted inlets”) is a unique experience. The mountains come in all shapes and sizes and the variety of colours is stunning; everything from the black sands of the beaches to the pinkish orange hues of the mountain ridges. The trails wind themselves between isolated coves and fjords over colourful hills and through green valleys all the way down to the coast. Abandoned houses and ruins of ancient farms leave their mark on the surroundings. With a little luck, reindeer herds can be seen, not to mention the local birds that are abundant and the arctic flora characterised by its large flowers and vivacious colours.
In total, there are around 150 km of trails with countless possibilities, whether they be long or short, through unearthly landscapes. Dyrfjöll, Breiðavík, Brúnavík, Hvítserkur, Urðarhólar, and Loðmundarfjörður are just a few of the places not to be missed. This is the land of legends. The local folklore is fascinating and at last count, 172 folk stories tell about contact with elves in the region. Even a short jaunt along one of the spellbinding beautiful paths will captivate the imagination.
The most dramatic mountains of east Iceland are Dyrfjöll (1,136m) at the entrance to the wonderful Borgarfjörður region. This gigantic breach, hundreds of feet across, splits its main ridge and dominates the skyline with vertical black walls.
One of Iceland’s best-kept secrets, Stórurð (Boulder Hollow), lies at the heart of Dyrfjöll. It is a mysterious and unearthly place, a labyrinth of enormous rocks through which a little river winds its way and calm, turquoise ponds of icy water lie hidden among the huge boulders, lined by flat banks of short green grass. An expanse of enormous rocks intersected by a small river. It is certainly a mysterious and enchanting place, and you will be hard-pressed to leave.
While hiking towards Stórurð, you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing view south towards Fljótsdalur. On a clear day, one can see all the way to the highest mountain of the East, Snæfell. Meanwhile, Breiðavík and Brúnavík, two inlets south of Borgafjörður, contain vast, black beaches, strewn with Siberian driftwood.
The way to Breiðavík  from Borgarfjörður is a tapestry of pastel-coloured hillsides. The incredible colour comes from the presence of rhyolite in the mountains. Take a look at the photo gallery to the left to see many pictures from the area.

Borgarfjordur Eystri

The East of Iceland has a hidden treasure called Borgarfjörður eystri. With a total of 130 inhabitants, the area, nonetheless,has plenty to offer, including some of the most populated elfin settlements in Iceland and a tremendous variety of hiking routes. In addition,the harbour has the best access to puffins in Iceland, where you can observe the birds from a distance of two metres.
Not only does the area boast a spectacular landscape, a dream for every outdoor enthusiast, but also we can offer you quality accomodation in very special surroundings in the small town of Bakkagerði. Borgarfjörður Eystri, which is the northernmost of Iceland’s East fjords, is located an hour away from Highway No. 1, at the end of the road. Th ere is great natural beauty in the area, as it is still untouched by mass tourism.
There is no lack of hiking options around Borgarfjörður, with about 27 day-routes nearby. A multitude of these hiking routes lie in an area commonly called Víknaslóðir, or the Trail of the Deserted Inlets, that encompasses the various inlets that lie between Loðmundarfjörður and around Borgarfjörður.
A stay with us will give you something to remember and you will be in contact with a close community of people renowned for their hospitality. Their local cuisine consists of high quality ingredients from the region, such as the fish brought in fresh every day. The local folklore is interesting and there are – at last count – 172 folk stories dealing with elves that take place in the region.
Iceland surely has a largely unspoiled nature and vast areas where there is not a soul in sight. But if you wish to experience untouched wilderness and a pristine landscape in the peace of the deserted fjords and inlets, Borgarfjörður eystri is the place to visit.
It´s yours to explore….

Room type & Extra’s

  • Double room
  • Single room
  • Extra’s
  • Extra bed with bedding
  • Extra mattress with bedding
  • Extra mattress without bedding
  • Baby cod
  • Free: Children stay free of charge. Free mattress/extra bed for children.


  • The rooms have made-up beds and a set of towels. Simple breakfast is included in the price and tea/coffee.
  • Free wireless internet connection.
  • Check-in available after 14:00 and guests have to check-out before 12:00.
  • No smoking allowed.


Our Address:

Gamla Frystihusid, 720 Borgarfjörður Eystri


65.5279557, -13.818317