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Dragons instead of Stars bring Chinese Travelers at hospitality businesses around the world. Contact us today to learn how you can be rated by Dragons and become a Chinese Friendly destination.


The “Feel Like Home” is the world’s first website aiming exclusively Chinese travelers, helping hospitality professionals (hotels, restaurants etc) throughout the world, to make the necessary changes to their businesses to adapt to Chinese customers, making their experience in a foreign country as pleasant as possible.

For that reason, “Feel Like Home” implements the “Five Dragon” Rating System, based on the scale of five Dragon, certifying their degree of adaptation to the needs of Chinese travelers.

Petasos Hotel Mykonos – 4 Dragon

Petasos Beach Resort and Spa (4 Dragon)  in Mykonos

Blábjörg Guesthouse Iceland (1 Dragon)  in Borgarfjörður Eystri


NAIA Luxury Suites (5 Dragon)                  in Mykonos

How Chinese outbound tourists choose destination?


We can see that Asia is still dominating the Chinese tourism market is heavily influenced by traveling distance. On average, Chinese tourists can get to most countries in Asia in 5 hours flight time.


Visa regulations is an important indicator while travellers are searching for destinations. Likewise, for Chinese tourists, the easier the visa application procedure is, the greater the desire to travel created.


With this dream destination in mind, Chinese tourists could forget about the Reason 1 & Reason 2 while planning for travel. In terms of European countries: visiting France, Italy etc. are on Chinese tourists‘bucket lists because of the romantic atmosphere and its historical cities. The marketing of a ‘dream destination’ creates a stronger desire for people to travel further, spend more money, and stay longer if possible.


Most countries are actually fighting to attract Chinese travelers to their country. Many countries are developing online and offline advertising campaigns to let people discover their destination.

When do Chinese Tourists travel?

During Golden Week

“Golden Week” is a name given to an annual 7-day holiday starting on October 1st, the National Day of China. “Golden” here means “the best”, and the “Golden Week” holiday is the best travel time; millions of Chinese set off on vacation during this period.

During Summer Holiday

China’s summer time is another peak travel season when many Chinese leave China. Students also enjoy their vacation during this summer holiday, which is the longest holiday of the year, lasting from early July to the end of August.

During Winter Holiday

The Spring Festival (the Lunar New Year), which usually falls between late January and mid-February.

Winter holiday for students can be as long as one month, while adults tend to have a weeklong or 10 day national holiday starting on the day before the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival is a time for family reunion, blessing and cheerful moments. It also involves many complicated superstitions and customs, but many people today opt not to sweat the details. 

A new trend in China is to get rid of those traditional rules and spend the New Year on a family vacation abroad. “My parents are getting old, and they have never traveled outside of Mainland China,” said Yuan Zhang, a consultant at a real estate company in China. “This spring Festival, I want to take them to America for a different experience. They couldn’t be more excited about that. I hope we can explore more places together in the future.”

Why the popular destinations among Chinese outbound tourists are Asian countries?

There are three reasons for this:

  • It is a relatively short journey and won’t cost too much.
  • Short-distance trip needs shorter time and does not require a long holiday.
  • The recent frequent terrorist attacks happened in Europe make many tourists change their way to more safer Asian countries.

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